To participants of May 2017 DENIAL workshops – INVITATION TO DEBRIEF & NEXT STEPS

Dear Colleagues

A few participants have suggested that we debrief after the first and second Denial workshops held on 10 May and 30 May at Trauma Centre, Woodstock.

Some have written poetry and engaged in creative or reflective writing as the workshop content came up in the days thereafter.  Others, like me, have perhaps experienced physical symptoms e.g. back spasms, headaches, fatigue or other ways of processing the rich information and recurring themes.

All this is very important with regard to our discussions about our different ways of ‘Knowing’ and ‘Knowledge Production’ .

We are producing our visceral, tacit, explicit and vicarious knowledge as we are embedded in this structurally and inter-personally violent society that seeks to heal itself.  We can revisit different types of ‘knowing’ during the debrief.

Importantly, we need to decide on next steps with regard to how each person wants to proceed with regard to how we want to pass on knowledge produced jointly in these sessions.

The very basis of my practice is to ‘pass it on’, so I am in the process of writing reflections on process facilitation and my learnings during the different phases of the research.

I am setting aside time during July to meet with those who are interested, before or parallel with further workshops.

As not everyone will be able to attend a joint debrief (room capacity), I would appreciate it if past participants could email me to let me know what you preference is as suggested hereunder.

Please use this site with regard to logistics, as I struggle to keep up to date if information is everywhere.  I will confirm a venue once I see what the preferences are.-

Plenary debrief:  12 July 2017 (venue  and time to be confirmed)

Small group debriefs:  2 hour slot between 17 – 20 July.  Times 12 – 2; 2 – 4 (please indicate.

Individual debrief session – please email facilitator for mutually convenient date and time in July.



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