Workshop information 31 May 2017

the elephant


Dear colleagues


The process outline for Wednesday’s workshop is as follows –


Morning session 11.00 – 13.30

Welcome by Trauma Centre Director


Process:  individual work; pairs; small groups and facilitated plenary dialogues.

 Lunch 13.30 – 14.00 – networking

Afternoon session 14.00 – 15.30

Potted input on the genesis of this multi-phase action research, ground-truthing, sharing and exchanging knowledge, discussing ideas on co-producing and disseminating knowledge.

Input on a visual model and ideas for a co-produced Guide on Denial rooted in our realities.

Bringing ideas together to begin ‘theorising our realities’ (a less formal way of doing ‘grounded theory’) by

(i) bringing manifestations of denial we are aware of together

(ii) seeing micro-macro links, patterns and themes,

(iii) adopting or adapting an outline model for understanding.

Post Workshop Follow up:

I would like to start small, so I am limiting this topic of Denial to the first and this overflow workshop  (maximum 30 people).

The aim is to meet again, at an agreed time, with those who want to co-analyse the emerging collective story from the initial  individual stories, and to start writing towards a final product, the form of which we are not yet sure about, but definitely something that is open and accessible.

This will also be an informal way of imparting and learning qualitative research skills and affirming other ways of knowing. as well as accepted practice that liberate silent and silenced voices.




4 thoughts on “Workshop information 31 May 2017

  1. Dear Sarah, Philomene told me about this workshop. I’ve been working in conflict resolution, now interested in working more expressively too, with other disciplines. May I come tomorrow? Warm wishes Antonia


    1. Hi Antonia, she told me. Its fine, someone had to drop out today due to work commitments. We’ll work with whoever comes and plan together how to take things forward. Looking forward. Sarah


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