Workshop Information. Co-producing Knowledge on Denial

the elephant

REMINDER:  Co-producing Knowledge on Denial.  Trauma Centre, 126 Chapel Street, Woodstock.  31 May 2017 from 11 am – 15h30. 

Dear Colleague

Please see the form hereunder – I need to confirm attendance by Wednesday 24 May so that I can liaise with Trauma Centre.

In the event that some who indicated attendance on 31 May 2017 cannot do so anymore, please let me know.

I would like to use this site as the primary means of communication about workshop related matters.  You are free to inbox or email me re other matters. Your information on the form does not appear on the blog, but goes straight to my email.

What to bring:

A notebook

A pen

No expectations except a willingness to engage, and your sense of humour (essential)

We are making the road while walking it.

No fee
Trauma Centre are providing the venue and a light lunch at no charge.  I am not charging a fee. The exchange of knowledge is my payment, for which you will get full acknowledgement as co-knowledge producer, and as part of an extended network of peers (within and beyond the academy).  Always optional.

If you feel that you want to make a small anonymous donation to Trauma Centre towards workshop venue and lunch costs – feel free.  No one is going to judge you one way or the other, and the Centre is not expecting it.



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